mandag den 14. juni 2010

We are the mods, we are the mods. We are, we are, we are the mods!

This film is awesome. It's from 1979 and made by the who films. It's great and mod. They wear cool clothes and have motorbikes with loads of mirrors. The main charachter Jimmy is cool and cute, and well played by Phil Daniels (The Best of Blur). Sting's just going around being all silvery and edgy. Great soundtrack o' course.

Don't matter who you are or where you go. There's always some cunt with stars and stripes on his arm telling you what to do!

- Juhan

onsdag den 2. juni 2010

The Secrets In Their Eyes

Yesterday, I watched The Secret In Their Eyes, which is an Argentinian/Spanish film directed by Juan José Campanella. A woman's been raped and murdered and a police man becomes obsessed with solving the crime. The composition is brillant, and there are a lot of great details in the story and technical details with great effect. It captures the audience and it's neither slow nor boring at any time. I'm not that familiar with Spanish films, but from what I've seen the Spanish cinema brings a certain something-something to the screen. It was clear that the crew of the film is totally professional! I can do nothing but recommend this film!
- Juhan

Those are names I shan't forget p.2: Liza Minelli

In reality, this is a tribute for Sally Bowles as much as it is for Liza. Pictures of Liza and Sally Bowles, and also: Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra. Again I find myself unable to say anything about this lady apart from this; I absolutely totally and utterly adore her, her voice is amazing and she has been such an important rolemodel. LOVE HER!
Here's Liza almost singing whilst crying because Chita Rivera arrives! IT's SO GOOD.

- Andrae