søndag den 28. februar 2010


John Waters and his filthy world. "Pink Flamingos" (R.I.P Divine) "Polyester" "A dirty Shame" etc. I just felt the need to express my love for the man. unfortunately it seems to be impossible to buy "Pink Flamingos" on DVD in Denmark, alas, thus I must try and find it elsewhere. Another film that I am desperate to watch is "Cecil B Demented" also directed by his highness. "This filthy World" is a quirky and incredibly amusing show where Mr. Waters takes us on a journey through his career. I sat in front of my computer watching it and laughed my guts out, like a freak. This man has so much to say especially on the subject of faeces. Fabulous.

- Andrae

lørdag den 27. februar 2010

She wore blue velvet...

This is the first Lych film I've seen. It was so cool! I love Kyle Maclachlen - he's just one tasty dish! It's fantastic, really exciting and mysterious. Love the soundtrack - one can't get tired of it. Isabella Rossellini is awesome, and I loved the scenes with Kyle and her.

torsdag den 25. februar 2010

Dublin soul

The Commitments from 1991 directed by Alan Parker, written by Roddy Doyle. A sweet story about a couple of north-Dubliners forming a group to bring Soul into the lives of the Irish working class by playing soul classics such as "chain of fools" and "Try a little tenderness" (LOVE!). I was particularly infatuated by the beautiful Bronagh Gallagher, she seemed familiar and I realized that she's the girl from Pulp fiction that talks about pierced genitalia. In this film she had this spark that made me fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. The film is very comforting and has some amazing band performances and incredible Irish language (Bleedin' Eedjit, Jaysis!).
- Andrae

mandag den 22. februar 2010

Oh Adam

Finally we got to see him at Loppen in CPH, which was absolutely beyond belief and fantastically, juicily amazing. We fuckin' love this dude. He dances beautifully and looks a treat with his body all covered in sweaty leather and velvet goodness.

"I have praise for every fantasy that braids a hairy nipple..." - Adam Green, Hairy Women

- Andrae


"The mirror has two faces" directed by Barbra Streisand, soundtrack composed by Barbra Streisand, starring Barbra Streisand and the lovely Jeff Bridges ("Men who stare at goats" and also the Dude). A quirky love story about an intentionally sexless relationship and marriage between two university proffesors. It is, I believe, the ultimate feel-good film, mainly because of the amazing acting, plot and the fact that one can actually feel the spirit of Barbra in the room when watching it. Ab-Fab.

- Andrae

tirsdag den 16. februar 2010

Eagle vs. Shark

I absolutely, totally and utterly adore this film! It's funny and sweet and a bit werid. Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) plays Jarrod brilliantly. He's this greeky, depressed man, who prepairs to fight the guy, who used to bully him in school. Lily, played by Loren Horsley, is a quite insecure girl, who lives together with her brother. The film is from New Zealand and directed by Taika Waititi. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The soundtrack's great especially "Lily's theme". You should definately watch it!

Jarrod: "I'm so complex!"
- Juhan

onsdag den 10. februar 2010


"Voksne mennesker" (Dark Horse) is Dagur Kári's second film, it's Danish with (almost) no colours. The actors, the plot, the scenes, the direction, the soundtrack... everything's great! There's loads of whimsical details. It's sweet, funny and quite weird, and I like it very much. It's hard to describe, but it's definately not a waste of time!

- Juhan

tirsdag den 9. februar 2010

Trrreat me like a fool

I am having a very hard time describing this film, Its been a month since I watched it, and tonight I feel i am ready to watch it for the second time. This is the most amazing film I've ever seen. David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" with Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern ("Blue velvet" and "Jurassic Park" - lovely cocktail). Cage is amazing, so's Dern, it has the absolute best erotic scenes I've ever witnessed in a non-pornographic film, but why wouldn't it, after all its Lynch. I can't talk more about it, it would spoil everything. Lovely Lovely Lovely!
- Andrae

søndag den 7. februar 2010

Sommaren med Monika

"Sommaren med Monika" ("Monika, the story of a bad girl") is a very nice film. It's made in 1953 in Sweden. Ingmar Bergman really manages to use the beautiful scenery to create a special atmosphere, for instance by letting the to young lovers float around on the boat in silence for several minutes. Some might find that boring, but I think it's great. Harriet Andersson (Monika) is a very fine actress, she reminds me very much of Ronja Røverdatter. Lars Ekborg in the role of Harry, the young, quite nervous boy, who falls in love with Monika, is good too. They're both very smooth! All in all it's a very lovely and tender film, and especially the first half is very cheerful. As you can see on the last picture, it was considered very naughty and bad in America, and was pioneering regarding nudity in films, it was also a precursor to the phenomenon "the Swedish sin".

Harry strokes Monika's leg.
Monika: "Feel how smooth your sock is"
Harry: "It's your leg that's smooth"
Monika: "Now it's yours"
Harry: "Then I'll keep it here"
Monika: "You may keep it all. I'll stay here. I refuse to leave."
Harry: "I won't let you go"

- Juhan

tirsdag den 2. februar 2010

Der Blaue Engel

I recently watched "Der Blaue Engel" directed by Josef von Sternberg, starring Emil Jannings and Marlene Dietrich - one of my favorite actresses, I love the way she's so mysterious, cold and flirtatious at the same time (fourth pic.). I quite liked the film even though it's relatively slow at times. It's about the strict professor Immanuel, and how he finds out, that his students go out every night to "der blaue engel" and watch Lola Lola perform slightly undressed... He falls in love with her, gets fired and joins the show. It's actually a bit frightening and unplesant in the end, but that's just cool. Lola Lola sings some pretty nice songs. I also like the way the scenes fade out - about 15 seconds, where it slowly gets darker and darker.
Whenever I watch films from the 30's, I want to become a singer/danser and I want to wear fab clothes and be like Lola Lola or Sally Bowles!
This film is definately worth seeing!

"Love's always been my game
Play it how I may
I was made that way
Can't help it" - Lola Lola
- Juhan