tirsdag den 31. maj 2011

Bicycle swagger of copenhagen: City Centre

Copenhagen is a place for bicycling, and people pimp their bikes like they pimp themselves, so I thought why not make a small gallery of the different kinds of Bicycle swagger found in different areas of our beloved capital. For starters here are some pictures from the city centre:

Last picture is an orange Kronan, the Kronan bikes are popular etc. etc. usually in black and red, but now i've noticed that quite a lot of people have started riding the orange one, which is nice. personally I like the homemade bits and bops that people put on their bicycles such as the one with the green paint spelling Ninja's.
next post: Østerbro (the posh and 'stylish')

- Andrae


 The inhabitants of our appartment have been rather frustrated...
because this is what it looks like...
So what to do?
I'll post the "after" pictures when I am done cleaning and when my camera starts working again.
oh and Michael Buble (LOOOOVE!) is justin bieber:
- Andrae

mandag den 30. maj 2011

Robin Hood and Kleine Jan

Yesterday I had a very prodoctive day at Andrae's. This is the result:

We spend a couple of hours listening to Disney songs in Dutch, Russian and German versions. Here's my favorite. 


fredag den 27. maj 2011

Danish Cartoon and Animation + Nachos


I am thinking about getting one of the Piratemoms from Bennys Badekar tattoed next to my whale, I think its going to be sorte anna with her fangs.We made nachos with proper guaca to make anna roomie feel better about her traumatic experience at the laundromat.

- andrae


I've been thinking about cutting my hair. The question is how it should be... I can't decide whether it shoud be a bit long like Molly here:
or a bit shorter like this fancy boy band hairstyle.
or it it should be something more short and edgy..
I really like her hair.. so maybe something that's very short in front.

I went for a walk round the neighborhood and as I got home I found myself with three CD's; Blondie, Alfons Åberg and Alberte, and a LP with the soundtrack og the awesome film Footloose.

They look nice in this video...


onsdag den 25. maj 2011

Welcome to the good life

I am (almost) not in school any more because of upcoming exams, so I spend my time drinking beer with friends, chilling, watching TV, sleeping and especially eating. I haven't taken any pictures of the delicious food I've been eating, but I have some old, which I'll post soon. I've started roller skating more often due to the good weather.


tirsdag den 24. maj 2011

took her for a drink on tuesday

2nd: "Cowgirl" by Betty Dodson, 6th: Capitalist, 7th: Juhan, 8th:Josie Cotton, 10th: Andrae, Last: Nicki Minaj

And a Pride bear(http://www.angelfire.com/ga/pridepals/page5.html). Today these kids came over to me and one of my friends, from the second we saw them we dreaded that they might be Jehovas Witnesses kids trying to convert us using their cool haircuts and large colorfull wellingtons, luckily they where just passing out flyers for a fleamarket. The pride bear below is brilliant, try playing this song and watch is dance, it kinda matches.

- Andrae

mandag den 23. maj 2011


I hope that facebook, or somewhere else thats quite huge media-wise, has a 'we-hate-US-skins-shame-on-you-MTV'-fanclub. I've seen a lot of American rip-offs of cult-classics from Europe and My GAWD, it never works, except, obviously, from Queer as Folk! I am unable to watch any of the new US skins after I saw the trailer- I suspect that they cut Maxxie out of the show? If that is not homophobia I dunno what, and what will they do when they get to the third season where Naomily appears! I am pretty sure they turned Maxxie's character into a female cheerleader! I say stick to what you're good at TV-producer-writer-people of the States - The L Word, Hiphop, Barbra Streisand, that sort of stuff...
Oh and we both got tattoos today.