mandag den 28. november 2011

Stressing, quitting, chilling

I am super stressed today, I wasnt when I woke up but then I realized that my roomie left the continent on vacation without paying rent. And that's just not OK, I hate that money has to matter so much, it makes me sick and my stomach aches because of it. So I decided to write a post, listen to Nór and have a cigarette even though I am trying to quit.pictures are from the elve-party - we took some forest and put it in the appartment and made a green broth like that of an old hag. And below, something that makes me less stressed and more happy, a jelly me and Nielle made.

 - Andrae

mandag den 7. november 2011

I'm still hooked on Lennox

I love Annie Lennox even though she at times is a skinny biatch, but here's the lovely and talented lady lusting for John Malkovich while Hugh Laurie wants her, girl needs to sort out her priorities! Walking On Broken Glass:

- Andrae

søndag den 6. november 2011

Footloose vs. Footloose

New version of Footloose - wtf? The old one is totally awesome so why make a new? Can't see why. But I went to see it anyway - just to play that fun game where you dis everything because it is all wrong and unworthy, like when you see a Harry Potter film and everthing's wrong and bad compared to the brilliant books.
Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to make a comparison of the two - not that there's any doubt about which is the awesomest, but to see just how rotten the new one is.

 Ren Mccormack
Kevin Bacon is hot and cool. He's got the nose! And the moves!
Kenny Wormald - hmm... All right, he's cool and not bad looking, though he's got that sort og High School Musical cheese-ball-look. 
Kevin beats Kenny due to his attitude, outfits and his dance moves. 

Angry Dance
The original angry dance kicks the new one's ass. In the 2011 version it's way too short and it lacks energy. I sucks so much I didn't want to post it here, so instead I give you Bret's (FOTC) version, which is quite good.

The soundtrack of the new Footloose is basicly the old one made bad by adding sounds and effects which in my opinion are better suited for Eurovision Song Contests.
Take Ren's first day at school; in the original film he arrives listening to Bang Your Head. In the new version they figured Black and Yellow was appropriate.
Luckily, they've used some of the old ones like Almost Paradise and of course Footloose. The lamest of the lamest is the new version of Holding Out For A Hero, watch this:


What a skank! It's not that I particularly love the orginal Ariel, but she is definately a lot better than this new gross one. She's so bad! 

They've got better dance moves in the old one. The final scene in both films is great and makes you want to dance!
The best scene in the new Footloose is when Ren teaches Willard to dance. This scene is splendid in the real Footloose, but also quite funny in the new one. Unfortunately I can't find this clip on the internet, so you'll get the original instead:
In conclusion Footloose the new sucks compared to the old one, but there are some good parts and it is not as terrible as I had expected.

One day

Last week, I went to the cinema to watch One Day with two of my girlfriends. They'd been talking about it for a couple of weeks, but I didn't want to see it because of Anne Hathaway. I really can't stand her - she's so BLA! Having seen Becoming Jane and the Devil Wears Prada I guess I'd decided to stay clear of her lack of talent.
But, but, but...
I have to admit; she wasn't all bad in this film. She played the part well - so well that I forgot to hate her during the film. But still in my head Anne Hathaway is a sucky actress.
Now, Jim Sturgess. What a snack, eh?
I really think so. The part Dexter, which he played, was very charming and sort of bewitching. He played it very well and he is just so cute.
So now, having done the (perhaps not so)crappy actress (any longer) and the hunk of the film, I'll just tell you to go see this film; Go see this film! It is good!
If you're in a feel good sort of romantic comedy mood, I'll definately recommend this one. This film actually makes you feel like you know Dex and Em and that you're a part of their friendship. The frame story with the same day every year works out very well. This is one of the better film I've seen lately in this genre.