onsdag den 24. august 2011

Billie The Vision And The Dancers

Now, I'm probably totally slow and dumb when it comes to fancy Swedish music, but... well, fuck that. A friend from Sweden recommended Billie The Vision And The Dancers to me, and I quite like it. I like the skirt and the music's just chill...
And they've got style!
- Juhan

mandag den 15. august 2011

Her kommer Mummi!

Went to Finland this summer with my dear friend Niels. We went to the land of Moomin, which was nice. We saw all the characters and went for a walk round the island.
We were in Helsinki and in Tallinn as well, though only for a very short time. Below are some pictures of Tallinn.


søndag den 7. august 2011

the youth of a nation

 I was accepted at University! This'll be grrreat! I am currently watching the lovely Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in River Cottage and wondering what to have for late supper, oh he is such a snack! tomorrow is the last day for the ratty children, they are going to be adopted by a pet-shop, so that'll be a sad day. Oh and I was just thinking about one of my alltime favorite films "Withnail and I" that a friend of mine showed me for the first time a few months ago. I need to get a hold of it somehow. Earlier Juhan and I were discussing tacky-pseudo-heavy-rock with a twist of rap (I dunno what the genre is called), such as Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and of course POD - so there: