mandag den 27. februar 2012

Amazing Collaborations

So yeah I think it's time for some music. Nina Persson and The Manic Street Preachers "Your Love Alone is Not Enough".
This song reminds me of summer and my little brother, back when this was a hit he'd have been about 3 years old, trying to sing along the lyrics. We listened to this track on a local radio where they used to play lots of danish pop-music and Eskobar and Heather Nova's "Someone new" - another great collaboration. Back then there were loads more local radio stations, I think it a shame that they've been nationalised.
Ok here it is:
- Andrae

søndag den 19. februar 2012


I am feeling sick. the flat looks like shit and I've a ton of homework and I am just angry because people are such ego-capitalists, supressed but enjoying the blissfullness of ignorance. It just pisses me of - what to do in such a situation: drink some sugary-water, suck on my cancer sticks and listen to grungy pop music such as Garbage.


torsdag den 16. februar 2012

About a very surreal conversation

So I think I have to put this in writing while I still remember the most important details. Last Night I went to an open mike in Copenhagen with my friend Sofie and she met two young women that she apparently knows, however somewhat superficially. Anyway after the show they came up and started talking to my friend, I was just observating the whole situation. At some point the loudest of the two of them, lets call her Kelly Rowland, asks my friend where she lives the conversation kinda went as follows:
Kelly Rowland: Oh you live at Amager, yeah I know a lot of people who live there, I'd totally live there if it hadn't been for parents buying me a flat in Vesterbro.
Sofie: right ok, my friend is moving to Vesterbro, there's this street called the West End, right near Vela, that's where she's moving.
Kelly Rowland: I don't think there's a place in Copenhagen called the West End.
Sofie: well there is.
Kelly Rowland: Oh and we go to Vela ALL THE TIME. It's a nice place. You know you don't have to be a lesbian to go there, I have many lesbian friends. As soon as they know that you're straight they stop hitting on you. So it's great bar, like Cozy but you know, with women instead. Are you a lesbian?
Sofie:...No (looks at me with slight desperation)
Lassie, Kelly Rowlands friend: OMG that is such an inappropriate question, Kelly Rowland!
Kelly Rowland: I don't think so. To me it is natural you know, I'm just the type of person who asks people about that. It's a natural thing, a lot of my friends are lesbian, I also know a lot of gay guys. (lets out a hysterical laugh, high-pitched like Karen Walker). Me and Lassie broke the rules of this place, you know when they clean up under our table there's like SO many empty beer cans HAHAHA.
Lassie: Yah! HAHAHA. Do you want a nut ( offers me a peanut from a cup), it's a special nut.
Andrae: No uhm, no thank you I'm good.

Later on Sofie told me that she had never met Kelly Rowland before. I am completely into the whole 'go and talk to strangers'-concept, and I really don't mind people asking me about my sexuality, I don't think Sofie minds either. But this was a surreal, SURREAL moment!

Here are the Donnas singing about how hard life can be when you like someone who has a girlfriend:

- Andrae

tirsdag den 14. februar 2012


I am always very interested in size positive- and fat activism,  but these days I spend most of my waking hours making lists of different kinds of inspirational (NOT THINSPIRATIONAL!) stuff that you can find online. I checked the Fat Dinosty facebook page and they recommended the TV series Huge which has unfortunately been cancelled after only one season. However it really is a nice TV series that makes activism more 'accesible' through the main character Will.
Whilst making these lists I realised that I know very few Body Positive Pop songs, and the lists online are very similar to each other. So anyway I thought I might just post the list here and maybe add some more songs along the way. These songs are not arranged in order of awesomeness, it's just random, let's start with the obvious choices:
MIKA - Big Girl You Are Beautiful

En Vogue - Free Your Mind

TLC - Unpretty

Destiny's Child - Bootylicious

This is mainstream propaganda music but it still kicks ass

Now the next ones are of very different genres and the message kinda differs, it can be about activism in general, not letting people get to you or taking shit from anybody, loving and living no matter what or who you are.
Gossip - Dimestore Diamond, live at Coachella

Miss Platnum - Give me the food

L7 - Fast and Frightening

Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y

Dave End - And by Queen

Ok, I could go on and on, but let's stop it here for today. Enjoy it!

- Andrae

mandag den 23. januar 2012


I am currently working on a stopmotion film about my flatmate Anna's childhood ambition of owning a lion. But first I am testing my skills/patience when it comes to stopmotion-filmmaking by doing a shot stopmotion with things from the flat. I'll post the results when I get there. So here are some pictures of food I've eaten these past two months, pizza and coconut macaroons, and also the new "towers of copenhagen" playground.
Song of the day is "Russian Lad" peformed by the boys from the heartbreaking documentary "Alone in four walls"
- Andrae