fredag den 16. december 2011


These are pictures from home and from Odense. I am feeling particularly angry at heterosexists today... hmm what to do abot it...


mandag den 28. november 2011

Stressing, quitting, chilling

I am super stressed today, I wasnt when I woke up but then I realized that my roomie left the continent on vacation without paying rent. And that's just not OK, I hate that money has to matter so much, it makes me sick and my stomach aches because of it. So I decided to write a post, listen to Nór and have a cigarette even though I am trying to quit.pictures are from the elve-party - we took some forest and put it in the appartment and made a green broth like that of an old hag. And below, something that makes me less stressed and more happy, a jelly me and Nielle made.

 - Andrae

mandag den 7. november 2011

I'm still hooked on Lennox

I love Annie Lennox even though she at times is a skinny biatch, but here's the lovely and talented lady lusting for John Malkovich while Hugh Laurie wants her, girl needs to sort out her priorities! Walking On Broken Glass:

- Andrae

søndag den 6. november 2011

Footloose vs. Footloose

New version of Footloose - wtf? The old one is totally awesome so why make a new? Can't see why. But I went to see it anyway - just to play that fun game where you dis everything because it is all wrong and unworthy, like when you see a Harry Potter film and everthing's wrong and bad compared to the brilliant books.
Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to make a comparison of the two - not that there's any doubt about which is the awesomest, but to see just how rotten the new one is.

 Ren Mccormack
Kevin Bacon is hot and cool. He's got the nose! And the moves!
Kenny Wormald - hmm... All right, he's cool and not bad looking, though he's got that sort og High School Musical cheese-ball-look. 
Kevin beats Kenny due to his attitude, outfits and his dance moves. 

Angry Dance
The original angry dance kicks the new one's ass. In the 2011 version it's way too short and it lacks energy. I sucks so much I didn't want to post it here, so instead I give you Bret's (FOTC) version, which is quite good.

The soundtrack of the new Footloose is basicly the old one made bad by adding sounds and effects which in my opinion are better suited for Eurovision Song Contests.
Take Ren's first day at school; in the original film he arrives listening to Bang Your Head. In the new version they figured Black and Yellow was appropriate.
Luckily, they've used some of the old ones like Almost Paradise and of course Footloose. The lamest of the lamest is the new version of Holding Out For A Hero, watch this:


What a skank! It's not that I particularly love the orginal Ariel, but she is definately a lot better than this new gross one. She's so bad! 

They've got better dance moves in the old one. The final scene in both films is great and makes you want to dance!
The best scene in the new Footloose is when Ren teaches Willard to dance. This scene is splendid in the real Footloose, but also quite funny in the new one. Unfortunately I can't find this clip on the internet, so you'll get the original instead:
In conclusion Footloose the new sucks compared to the old one, but there are some good parts and it is not as terrible as I had expected.

One day

Last week, I went to the cinema to watch One Day with two of my girlfriends. They'd been talking about it for a couple of weeks, but I didn't want to see it because of Anne Hathaway. I really can't stand her - she's so BLA! Having seen Becoming Jane and the Devil Wears Prada I guess I'd decided to stay clear of her lack of talent.
But, but, but...
I have to admit; she wasn't all bad in this film. She played the part well - so well that I forgot to hate her during the film. But still in my head Anne Hathaway is a sucky actress.
Now, Jim Sturgess. What a snack, eh?
I really think so. The part Dexter, which he played, was very charming and sort of bewitching. He played it very well and he is just so cute.
So now, having done the (perhaps not so)crappy actress (any longer) and the hunk of the film, I'll just tell you to go see this film; Go see this film! It is good!
If you're in a feel good sort of romantic comedy mood, I'll definately recommend this one. This film actually makes you feel like you know Dex and Em and that you're a part of their friendship. The frame story with the same day every year works out very well. This is one of the better film I've seen lately in this genre.


tirsdag den 25. oktober 2011

Ladadendadendaden da daaah daah, daah daaaaauh

The leaves are pretty in Copenhagen right now, my roomie made a pumpkin and I made pumpkin soup, and the streets are sinking down in certain areas. These days I eat a lot of food, listen to russian music and enjoy Rock Profile:


mandag den 17. oktober 2011


It's autumn and I have got a week's holiday. Lovely. I'm currently seated in the sofa beside the fire looking out at the trees. Drinking tea and knitting. I've got a bit of a cold so this is the most pleasant way to spend my day. It is so nice to sit inside and relax while looking out at the cold garden and the leaves with oh so many different colours!
Due to this weird computer thing I can't upload videos or pictures. So instead I choose vodka and Chaka Khan - no, sorry, quotes I mean of course.

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."
-John Burroughs

"You are who you are when nobody's watching"
- Stephen Fry

"My teenage years were exactly what they were supposed to be. Everybody has their own path. It's laid out for you. It's just up to you to walk it."
- Justin Timberlake

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
- Jane Austen

- Juhan

torsdag den 13. oktober 2011


I am like totally hooked on openmike evenings in copenhagen. I dunno who my favorite danish stand up comedian is, its probably Sofie, because she's funny and wants to sit next to me in class (Awww YEAH), but I like Mikkel Malmberg as well:


oh and lets have some Urban Trauma:


tirsdag den 4. oktober 2011

søndag den 2. oktober 2011

Lesbian Teen-flicks part. 2

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee is probably one of the best lesbian films I've ever watched. It's about an underground so-called "feminist" activist group called the CIA (Clits In Action) and the young boring and very normal Anna who begins to experience what the CIA has to offer her. She falls in love with Sadie "the player" (Nicole Vicious, "Last Days") and there is some dyke drama going on there but that didn't really interest me because I didn't like either of the two characters. The rest of the characters however OMG so many hot activist women in this film. while I found it a little weird that they called themselves "feminist" rather than "queer", I was amazed that an American film production, starring among others, the famous and lovely Daniela Sea, could portray an activist group without justifying it by having a "happy ending" where the main character returns to her family, where she can be safe. It seems quite predjudiced of me to think that this would not be possible haha. Anyway Andrea Sperling is co-writer as far as I recall, so that is probably one of the reasons why this film is so (pardon my American) Fucking Awesome!
Oh and now the hot women I was talking about:
Daniela Sea ("Shortbus" etc. etc.)
Deak Evgenikos (My personal favorite! "Hung")
Carly Pope ("Kim Possible")
Lauren Mollica (she's a skater! and HOT!)

 All I can say is watch this film and:

- Andrae

tirsdag den 27. september 2011

feng shui

Me and my roomie Anna decided to be Feng Shui, first things first, we have to get rid of all the mess and garbage lying around the flat - as you can see above, it is going pretty well. oh and another fantastic thing: I just got these reusable mentrual pads in wicked colors, cant wait to try them out, they're made from organic velour.


søndag den 25. september 2011

The Artist Presently Known as PTR Ricardo

Our Cousin Ptr had his birthday the other night, and I got some pictures of his lovely decorated apartment that I thought I might share:

And here's a nice little song starring another one of our cousins as "zebra-brother"



onsdag den 21. september 2011

Lesbian Teen-flicks part. 1

I am currently watching a lot of teenage flicks about lesbian love, and I think that this might be my favorite film genre. the first one I want to talk about is "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love" from 1995, directed by Maria Maggenti. Starring a very young and VEEEEERY hot Laurel Holloman (Tina from the L Word). This film is about Randy (Holloman), a scruffy young highschool girl who works at a gas-station, listens to rock music and has a fling with a married woman. She starts talking to the popular girl Evie (Nicole Ari Parker) and they eventually become lovers. The plot is about Evie's struggle to come out, the social differences between Randy and Evie's respective families, and the hot lesbian sex that they, in my opinion, have way too little of.
This is a cute film, it is not provocative in any way, which can be both good and bad, I liked it a lot and it changed my perception of Laurel Holloman for the better.
oh and I really want Randy's haircut!

"resist psychic death" by Bikinikill, from the soundtrack: