torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Paris: Places

The Seine, the love-locket bridge

Quatier Latin, Shakespeare and Co., Rue Mouffetard

In and around Belleville

Rue de Temple, LGBT area

Café area around les Halles and Centre Pompidou

Posh area, Rue de Rivoli, café Coup D'etat(good coffee)

- Andrae

mandag den 28. marts 2011

Man Hunt

"Man Hunt" directed by Fritz Lang, the first film I watched in La Filmo, from 1941 starring Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett(doing a hilariously bad cockney accent throughout the film). Pidgeon in the role as british leisure-hunter Alan Thorndike who attempts to assasin Adolf Hitler. Thorndike is caught by german soldiers and tortured, however he manages to escape to England where he meets Jerry (Bennett) a young poor cockney girl in need of some company. The germans have tracked him to england, and he is therefore forced to stay with Jerry, with whom he falls in love with. The story takes an, if possible, even more drastic turn when the germans kill Jerry while Thorndike is in hiding in the suburbs of London.
It is actually quite a complicated story, incredibly interesting, exciting and amusing. Definitely worth watching, I'd say, and also, incidentally, the best Fritz Lang film I've seen so far (I haven't seen a lot though, not even Metropolis, so don't judge me).
Keep reading, I'll post my Paris pictures later!

- Andrae

søndag den 27. marts 2011

back from the travels

oi ok, im home and will be blogging some about my trip, pictures are on their way, meanwhile why dont we take a look at some of the films i've watched in Paris's lovely Filmotheque du quatier Latin
aka La Filmo. One of Paris's older cinemas, placed on the rue de champollion, where many a cinephile has set his or her feet.

I was very lucky, during my stay in Paris, La Filmo were having a Fritz Lang theme. So I'll start where I ended, the last film I got to see in La Filmo - "Rancho Notorious" starring the gorgeous Marlene Dietrich among others. This film is from 1952 and the version they showed was in technicolor, which was quite strange when i'd just gotten used to black and white films. It is a western about verns (Arthur Kennedy search for his fiances killer, in order to revenge her, he travels far to a mysterious place called chuckaluck where he finds the beautiful landlady Altar Keane (Dietrich) and loads of criminals, that she hides from the authoritites in order to get a share of their loot! Now remains the questions, who is the killer?
This film is quite amusing, the song "The legend of chuck-A-luck" is absolutely brilliant, it is in no way my favorite fritz lang film, but i am sure that it is perfect for a day with hangovers.

more to come
- Andrae

lørdag den 12. marts 2011

Brilliant British Comedy

Yesterday me and some of my friends stayed in watching a lot of British sitcoms. The Fast Show, Green Wing, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Fawlty Towers and The Young Ones - does it get any better?

Now I've never watched The IT Crowd nor The Young Ones, but it was awesome.

For the first time ever, I made baked ice cream and it turned out very good. It was actually very easy to make although I had to do everything pretty fast once the ice cream is out of the freezer. But it was delicious!

- Juhan

onsdag den 9. marts 2011

Women's day!

Happy international women's day! I spend this happy day in the sun reading Simone de Beauvoir and walking around the city looking at comics and toys with my younger brother. We were going to go to the demonstration, but we were late.
It was a kind of ironic women's day in Denmark since three male ministers replaced two female ministers.


søndag den 6. marts 2011

C'est beau, c'est beau la vie

I am currently travelling, right now i am in Paris, and have been for 6 days. I've been drawing a lot, met some nice people, met some nice frenchmen, unfortunately generally the parisians have been less nice, maybe they dislike my haircut or something, i dunno what their problem is, and frankly i am beginning to care less and less, which i suppose Can only be a good thing.
Pictures and drawings Will be posted when i return to Denmark in two weeks time.
In the meantime here's the song of the day;
Au revoir