lørdag den 29. januar 2011

Romy and Michele's high scholl reunion

It's actually a very lame film, but I love their outfits, and I want to have a dress like the ones in the last picture. But it's a weird film...

- Juhan

onsdag den 26. januar 2011


This week I'ave been mostly eating....raw food.
I'm not as hungry as expected, but I am also eating almonds and nuts constantly. It's nice with all these fruits and vegetables, and I really like eating/drinking smoothies in the morning.
This is the deliciously delicious dish I made for dinner last night:

It's very fine and thin slices of zucchini with a sauce of fresh and semi-dried tomatoes, seasonings and garlic. And then I just added some avocado and some olives.


tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

The song of waves

I've been singing this song all day... I don't really know why. We've listened to it a couple of times in my physics class, and now I guess it just got stuck in my head. Well, it is very catchy so look out!


mandag den 17. januar 2011

Over the Edge

Okay, these days I'm very into coming of age/teenage rebellion films, and a few days ago I watched "Over the Edge", a film thats been lost somewhere under my bed for a couple of months (such a slacker I am). Directed by Jonathan Kaplan (he mainly does Tv-drama-crime-series), starring a very young Matt Dillon (the outsiders etc. etc.) and Michael Eric Kramer. Magnificent soundtrack, mainly by Cheap Trick, whom I don't really know...
Anyway it is a classic, a must see, about teenagers rebelling against their concervative parents, getting drunk, getting stoned and trashing the school. It is not a comedy, it is very gripping and sad and makes the viewer want to run away from everything and/or ruin stuff for all the snotty grown-ups.
Fuck patriarchy and fuck the patriarchs!
PS. Matt Dillon was such a sexy kid!

- Andrae

fredag den 14. januar 2011

Song of the day

Okay, so, I realized that there are no other current pop songs that are not hostile, sexist, homofobic and/or shitty so the whole idea was kinda lost. however I have a great song with a lovely video for you; Carly simon in the 80's with "Why" - watch the video, you wont regret it. I didn't want to post "You're so vain", although it is the ACTUAL song of the day, because people know of it and it's awesomeness.


Black Books

We gave the parents all three series of Black Books for Christmas, and now we watch it ever evening. It's so funny and silly and silly and funny. I simply love Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Grieg! Lovely, lovely, lovely!


torsdag den 6. januar 2011

The Air is on Fire

Yesterday I went to see the David Lynch Exhibition "The air is on fire" that my uncle recommended, and I was utterly impressed. It is shown on the Gammel Strand museum in CPH at the moment, and I urge everyone to experience it while it's here. I wasn't really expecting much, I adore Lynch's films but I was unsure about the whole "art"-part, but it was amazing and he's really a very talented drawer! The exhibit includes "Distorted Nudes" which was my favorite part, and also a couple of shorter films that are really fascinating and funny. Also there are weird lynch-y sounds everywhere making the entire experience rather creepy, which is nice.

søndag den 2. januar 2011


I gave myself a DVD for christmas, the grindhouse-tribute, rape-revenge film "Hora" ("Whore" in Norwegian) directed, written and produced by Reinert Kiil, starring porn actress Isabel Vibe. I always considered myself really tough when it comes to gory-stuff, but concerning the whole rape-porn aspect, I must say that I was not at all prepared. The plot is pretty simple; girl takes a break from city-life by going to a house in the country, girl gets raped by village-freaks, girl wakes up and takes revenge. This film is a pretty low-budget flick but it never ceases to frighten and disgust you. The main character "Rikke/Hora" is not only gorgeous but also really scary. The soundtrack is amazing, it is difficult to explain but the most markedly parts of the soundtrack would be a jolly norwegian christian pop song and several gloomy electronica pieces, as far as I recall. Well done Mr. Kiil, I am now a fan!
- Andrae