tirsdag den 26. juli 2011


Ok, OK...okay.... I love Madonna and I love Gogol Bordello but for VERY different reasona - so when I stumbled upon THIS:
I was kinda petrified, and not in the good way... all I can say is that this is bizarre!

- Andrae

lørdag den 23. juli 2011

Take That!

The concert was amazing, we were both very touched, and cried on several occasions, especially when Mark and Gary were singing! MA GAWD it was fantastic!AND Pet shop boys warmed up, which was a weird but pleasant surprise. For starters, Juhan spilled some mangojuice on my floor, then we went to the venue where they were gonna play, and then this great big pink caterpillar came as Mark was singing "Shine", later, when it was dark, we were slightly tipsy, then a BIG Progress-man stood up in the middle of the park, and then! AND THEN THEY PLAYED "NEVER FORGET"! And we cried. The only thing I would've liked them to do that they didnt was to play "how deep is your love":

Notice how incredibly hot Gary is!

xoxo Andrae

fredag den 15. juli 2011

A week ago we went to Malmö to visit our cousin, she's the litttle one, Juhan is the tall one. I just wanted to do a little post, because TONIGHT we are going to see Take That!

- Andrae

lørdag den 9. juli 2011

Body Positive

Joy Nash; http://fatrantblog.wordpress.com/, Amber; http://randomlancila.tumblr.com/, Erin Remick: http://erinremick.wordpress.com/

Today someone at work told me that i was fat, swollen and shapeless, and it really upset me, especially because it is completely unacceptable to say those kinds of mean things to your fellow human beings, and it has no actual purpose. Luckily I am not the only one upset with the body ideals of the world. Body Positive activism is very limited in Copenhagen these days, The States however have lots of interesting blogs, groups etc. etc. that cover the subject. I have fallen completely in love with the Fat Dinosty on youtube, and would wish that they'd start making episodes again! The one below is my favorite episode. Erin and Grey (creators of fat dinosty) are also gender activists which makes them even more amazing, if possible (see Tomato Tomahto). Above are pictures of the lovely bloggers I've committed to so far.

Cos the more you play with dolls the more you wanna look like them, but if I make a doll of me I wanna be exactly how I am - Dave End

Then I'm-a tell ya like this, and I'm-a tell ya this way. My body's beautiful, that's all I'm sayin'
Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. You're beautiful, too, just realize this
Can't you see the beauty in me? Open up your heart and set your mind free, Everybody's beautiful in their own way. Express yourself every day, And when you got joy on the inside it shows on the out. Be confident and you're beautiful without a doubt, You're absolutely gorgeous, don't ya know? So you got the body beautiful glow

- Salt'n'pepa
- Andrae