torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Wicked C.C.C.P-art

If all goes as planned I will study Russian at Copenhagen Uni, starting september. It is not only the language but history, culture etc. right now I am just really really into Soviet artwork as seen above. I cannot describe it, but it makes me want a revolution even more.
Now, see I wanted to post a really beautiful song with the Red Army Choir "Katyusha", but then I found these really tacky little girls singing it in an upbeat "modern" version at the red square, and thought it was too good to miss: The Tolmachevy sisters.

- Andrae

onsdag den 29. juni 2011

Ms. Dynami-tee

I went to Christianshavn with my mum the other night- Although summer is a shitty time for me and my fellow hay-fewer and pollen allergy sufferers, sometimes it is worth the sniffles to go outside and have a look at Copenhagen in the summertime. We found this alley with really old timbered houses, and people have all kinds of cool flowers in front of their houses. I always look for graffiti and stickers when I am out, and this time I found  the tags "Sloppy Jizzle" and "Filthy Joey" as seen above, which I think are hilarious tag-names.
Oh and song of the day; Ms. Dynamite "It Takes More" - brilliant millenium brit r'n'b.

- Andrae

mandag den 27. juni 2011

Ratty Joy

The babies were born yesterday, they're teeny tiny, pink and see-through! And there's 11 of them. I kinda panicked when I realized how many they were but today a nice lady from a petshop said she wants them for proper pet-rats, not for snake-food! This means we get to keep them for 5 weeks and see them grow up! So I'll probably be blogging a lot about my rats. Above are pictures of the group chilling in the nest, a single pink one that I caught, and Mufasa trying to rescue its kid from being the victim of my photo-mania.
Oh and I just realized that greek TV-shows are a great untapped resource, humour-wise:

lørdag den 25. juni 2011

we're gonna be grandmothers!

One of my male rats is actually a pregnant female, Mufasa. It is of course quite a critical situation but I am really excited about it. The plan for now is to get Big Danny (the white rat) castrated so he can continue living wth his good friend and  lover, Mufasa (the brown, fat one). So above are some pictures of the happy couple! Notice how big Mufasa's belly is!

- andrae

onsdag den 22. juni 2011

More food

 I just completed Sim by silverburst! A game I have never succeeded in in all the 5 years I've known the game! I am thrilled but feel that I've wasted my time, I could have a) been cleaning my room b) been chilling with my rats c) been working out and/or doing something healthy. Anyway, after a veeeery long day at work I came home to a hungover, but recently graduated, roomie and immediately started making "Tapath" (Tapas) for her like some disturbed upper middleclass woman, but it turned out great. From the top; ovenroasted squash, filled with fresh tomato and garlic topped with cheddar (Juhans recipe), fried pasta dough containing cheese and mushrooms (DELISH!), bagel with cream cheese and salmon, mozarella salad. And YES I do realize that all of these dishes contain cheese, but the girl was hungover so she wouldnt eat anything that didnt taste like good messy fastfood. Anyway the family went to the beach to eat (my second) dinner, sandwiches!
The last two pictures are taken during the pasta-dough making process situation, fresh pasta is piece of cake, dont fret, it tastes great and makes you feel all fancy and cheffy.
Song of the day is of course Men without Hats "Safety Dance" :

- Andrae

søndag den 19. juni 2011


 I am so bored these days, cannot wait to go back to work. And what to do when bored? Make bagels to avoid cleaning the apartment, of course. Anyway, I woke up early and immediatly started baking, I felt like a maniac hausfrau, but the result was amazing, fresh bagels.
Oh and since I've been doing nothing, I've had a lot of time to think about what I cannot live without, and the answer is a soda-maker-machine (I dont quite know the correct term in English). My roomie and I consume insanely large amounts of sparkling water - we drink it as a treat and we drink it whenever we are hungover because we've found that it is the only thing that REALLY helps. So it would be a great investment, that would save us a lot of money, and we wouldn't contribute to ruining the environment by buying new plastic bottles all the time. Think about the possibilities! All the new drinks we could discover, all the presents we wouldnt have to buy because we could just give people a homemade soda, from the heart.
And song of the day is, curtesy of The Mighty Boosh, Gary Numan "Cars":


lørdag den 18. juni 2011

Delicious Dishes and rats

1: Salad with peaches, avocado, roasted chillies, pumpkin seeds, balsamic vinegar and possibly warm potatoes.
2: Full English for the hungover ladies.
3 and 4: My rat Big Danny taking a stroll around the apartment/my bed.
5: Chili sin Carne with black rice - yum! (Cinnamon, fresh tomatoes, roasted chillies, canned tomatoes, garlic, beanzzz and some other stuff as well)
6: Late night sushi for my friends. (canned tuna and mayo works really well if you, like us, are broke)
7: Roomie and Mufasa, the other rat, having a chat

We were talking about "Just my Luck" with Lindsay Lohan the other night and we were reminded of the fabulosity that is British teen-rock band McFly. I dont know any other of their songs, and I dont think I need to, but this song "5 colours in her hair" is brill! I used to think that they were Australian because of their weird way of singing, but woes me they are British. Anygay, when watching this video I recommend you to notice, first of all the Beach Boys-inspired "do-do-do-do-do-DO" but most importantly the video's parallel to A-ha's "Take on me" - I am thinking of the whole "take me into your world pretty young man". Props to McFly, maybe I'll even put them on my list of good pop music after 2000.


onsdag den 15. juni 2011


   Finally! QTube has arrived, much like redtube and youporn but, and this is a big BUT, with queer porn, non heteronormative lesbian porn etc. etc. and it doesnt cost anything to watch! Here's hoping that more people will discover this website and that more videos will come!

 - Andrae

mandag den 13. juni 2011

I am currently into my guiltiest of pleasures- Sex and The City. For some reason it gives me the idea that my friends and I are normal, acceptable and/or okay people, which can be quite comforting at times. Anygay I just realized that a lot of the music I listen to for comfort, and to get into a certain state of mind is music from SATC. Generally im not that into pop music, but the stuff from Sex and the City is so well chosen, much like the songs from QAF UK, US and the L word - all lovely series. Right now I cannot quite focus because I am listening to Barbra Streisand, but someday, soon hopefully, I'll make a list of the best songs from all series mentioned above. until then, here are pictures of me with soft drinks.

- Andrae

søndag den 12. juni 2011

Old pictures from halloween

we never posted our younger siblings at halloween. these are pictures of our "zombie bread" and "monster cookies" and P and L dressed up as respectively kids who have been fighting and 'girl with spiders in her face'.... so thaaat.

- Andrae and Juhan