torsdag den 31. december 2009

'Appy new yearssh!

Oh yeah. We'd prefer to stay in watchin' and a-readin some fine pop-culture such as Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding. But alas New Years eve is tonight and tis the season to be drunkity drunk drunk, and we will not make an exception this year. Happy Happy to everyone.

"cam on willie, let's get sloshed!"
- Andrae and Juhan

tirsdag den 29. december 2009

Gok Wan

Every now and then one is reminded that Gok Wan is... ab-fab to the max. I own his "How to look good naked" book and can proudly call it my bible. Everything about Gok and his mission to help promoting a healthier body image is so incredibly necessary, and we absolutely totally and utterly adore him. On Gok's webpage many interesting facts can be found and one should really read what's on the loveliest of lovelies' mind. Incidentally the Gokabulary is not only hilarious it is also very helpful. Hurray for bangers, muffin tops and gorgeous, wobbly people!

Here's a clip from Ramsays "Cookalong" with some very witty and hot flirting between Gok and Gordon.

Quote from Gok Wans meeting with Jonathan Ross:

GW: ...and also I love women. I don't want to be a woman, I don't want to sleep with women, I just love the female body. So, and that's where it comes from. So when I see a nice juicy arse...

JR: MMMMmmm.

GW: I don't want to cover it up.

JR: nor me.

GW: with long... yeah, what would you like to do with it?
JR: smack it!

- Andrae

onsdag den 23. december 2009


Got a parcel from Andrae; the CD "Darkroom" by Gaymen!!!! Fantastic! It's 5 different versions of the song Darkroom, for instance the "Dark Hole Mix" and the "Stevie Kerrs Clutching The Soap Remix" - brillant! Couldn't find a picture of the CD, which incidentally is decorated with a close-up of an arse - so took the record instead. The song's absolutely magnificent; starts out with a lot of hot groans (bit like the Queer as Folk, UK theme), then culminating with the sentence: "Get with your hands in my pants, and make me come while I dance".
This is a must-hear!

- Juhan

Boom, she's so hot she's like a curry

Hey, so, we love Flight of the Conchords! Watched it for the first time last christmas, and bought the first season in the spring. I really like the songs and the characters; it feels like they're my friends, Bret, Jemaine and Mel - God, I love her and her tongue! Notice how cute and tender the guys are in the third picture -ahh, lovely! Can't wait for the second season to be broadcasted in Denmark!

Quote: "...Another way that love is similar to tape, that I've noticed, is sometimes it's hard to see the end. You search on the roll (search on the roll) you search on the roll, you search on the roll with your fingernails, again and again and again and again..." - Sellotape.

- Juhan

Les Chansons d'Amour

"Les Chansons d'Amour", French musical-ish romantic drama by Christophe Honoré. I didn't quite understand it, since there were no subtitles, neither english nor french, BUT I've looked very much forward to seeing it, and the bits I understood were good, bit melo-dramatic at certain points though. However the songs are fantastic and very sweet and also ....LOUIS GARREL (The Dreamers, not as talented as he is beautiful) OMG,OMG,OMG ...and Louis Garrel in bed with another boy (OMFG,OMFG,OMFG). Incidentally: Ludivine Sagnier (DITTO,DITTO,DITTO), the most beautiful woman in the world, I think. (Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes)
I liked that it was a sort-of musical, but yet a bit too serious to really be a part of the general musical-genre.
I am definitely gonner watch this one again, maybe with some sort of translation-aid at hand though.


onsdag den 9. december 2009

Holy Divuuuuuh

When it's all christmas and stuff, songs that include the voice of Ronnie James Dio are even better than usual. (maybe one should try and avoid Rainbow, the tackiest band in the world, too tacky to be nice) We love him, and we love Black Sabbath.
- Andrae

mandag den 30. november 2009

Happy december

Bargh. I can't really be bothered with Christmas (does my face look bovered?) But then i typed in "Christmas Hunk" on google and found the tanned christmas snack at the bottom. It's cold but I'm listening to Nina Hagen, so things are looking up. Check out the fabulous, yet slightly disgruntled Dame in her ever so christmassy gown - stunning.

- Andrae

lørdag den 28. november 2009


Go on, get frisky!

I love them, wish they'd reunite, just to do one gig and I'd be there and it'd all be lovely. I love them all and I've always wanted to look like the beautiful Candida Doyle. Here's a song.

- Andrae

tirsdag den 24. november 2009

Daniel Clowes

Very special artist - Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, Eightball). I absolutely, totally and utterly adore his drawings and the way he writes. Enid and Becky's dialogues are hilarious.
The beautiful covers from a few issues of Eightball can be seen here.
Peace out dudes and read some Daniel Clowes, (before you watch the films!)

- Andrae

fredag den 20. november 2009

Get cape. Wear Cape. Fly - and bits

I know, I know. It's like John Mayer for cheaters who still want to be all alternative and indie. However I like the lovely music by Get Cape. Wear cape. Fly, and lets face it, it's still a bit cleverer than Mayer.
Incidentally - Bette Midler in this amazing dressy jumpsuit:

And the Moldy peaches:

- Andrae

lørdag den 14. november 2009


Just bought box with three LPs by Sebastian. I've only got four LPs and they're all by Sebastian. The new ones are from 1972-74, my old one's from the 80's.
Going to listen to my new fab music.. see ya!
- Juhan

The incredible shrinking man

The incredible shrinking man is really phenomenal.
It's American and made by Jack Arnold.
Reasons to watch this film:
  • It's about a normal-sized man shrinking because of contact with radioactive mist
  • The fantastic music
  • It's a black and white sci-fi film from 1957 (does it get any better?)
  • The ending/message
- Juhan

torsdag den 12. november 2009

On your back woman!

Went to CPH: DOX yesterday to watch the notorious”Dirty Diaries”, a series of short pornographic films about different elements of female sexuality. I thought it was great. Produced by Mia Engberg and directed by several different people, mainly Swedish. My favorites are “Skin”, “Dildoman”, “On your back woman!” “Phone fuck” and “flasher girl on tour”, but they are all great.

- Andrae

Barfuss im Regen

This week we 'ave been mostly listening to german schalger-hero Michael Holm's 1970's hit "Barfuss im Regen" - the video to this song is ab-fab, and among other things, features a naked Michael Holm behind the red umbrella.

tirsdag den 10. november 2009

Monday, Monday

Am watching Douglas Adams and BBC's 1981 adaption of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I feel that this wonderful sci-fi series is a highly significant piece of TV-art, much like early Doctor Who (and current Doctor Who for that matter, who doesn’t fancy David Tennant, eh). It should indeed be part of every child’s upbringing. I haven’t read the books yet, therefore I suck.

I am particularly fond of the depressed robot. But have yet to finish the entire series.

- Andrae

søndag den 8. november 2009

Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes

Gouttes d’eau sur pierres brûlantes is a very peculiar film. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and hurried home to watch it. It is so far from what I’d expected, but I was not disappointed. The director is the fantastic Francois Ozon (8 Femmes, Une robe d’été, Le temps qui reste) and the actors in this tragic love story are Malik Zidi, Bernard Giraudeau, Anna Levine and Ozon’s favourite, the beautiful Ludivine Sagnier . What I love about Ozon is that his films have this slightly ironic or sarcastic feeling to them. I would go as far as calling them rather campy. The music and the clothes are often on the tacky side. It is very difficult to explain the sensation; instead one should really just watch the film.

I realized that I was crying my eyes out because of a lederhosen wearing hipster that listens to Schlagers, and I liked it. Also, the soundtrack features (apart from Tony Holiday’s fabulous “Tanze samba mit mir”) a very beautiful and moving song (god I’m such a wuss) “Träume” sung by Francoise Hardy.

This film is worth watching.

- Andrae

fredag den 6. november 2009

This week I 'ave been mostly hearing.... jump!

Ahh, Jesse - one of my favorite characters from the fast show!

I watched "Love Actually" the other day - brilliant- and ever since I've been listening to "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters at least five times a day!
- Juhan

Ricky, why so sticky?

Adam Green is coming to Copenhagen 16th of February 2010.
His new album is entitled "Minor Love" and will be out in january! (Can't wait)
We luuuuuurve him.


tirsdag den 3. november 2009

She may be weary, young girls they do get weary...

Incidentally, the soundtrack kicks ass! (OMFG: "Kicks ass") It's all very 80's, tacky and romantic.

- Andrae