tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

The L Word

I am rather ill these days and therefore more or less homeward bound. Not doing anything really apart from smelling, watching random series. they've started broadcasting Skins season 3 on danish TV which is nice, apart from that I am, yet again, completely and utterly obsessed with the L word.
The american TV series about lesbians, it has the tackiest intro-tune ever but it also has Katherine Moennig in the role as Shane Mccutcheon. I am so in love with her. Also, in the role as Alice Pieszecki, dah-dum; Leisha Hailey. These are two incredibly fascinating characters, and oh it is HOT.
And thus I wiki'ed miss Hailey and read that she used to date K.D. Lang...whom I also love. So there. Things are fabulous.

- Andrae

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