onsdag den 28. april 2010

Mr Darcy

Well, I know three days are not the same as a week, but I've been living at my friend's house this weekend, so first of all didn't watch any french films, second of all didn't have any internet. But I've just got a mail from the french café in Copenhagen saying they've got the film La Confussion des Genres, which I ordered last week. Anyway, yesterday I started watching Pride and Prejudice again - the series from the 90's of course. With Colin Firth - yum! Love the soundtrack, the language and of course the story. Really want to have a dress like the girls wear, but I'm not sure if it'll fit me.


mandag den 26. april 2010

Come with us on a journey through time and space

These days I do nothing apart from eating, drinking, watching the boosh and having weird dreams about characters' from the boosh. Here are some pictures. I am in love with everything about it especially the crimp, moon and naturally the mirror ball suit.... and Old Gregg.

- Andrae

onsdag den 21. april 2010

I went Indie

Striving to sound like less of a cliché, but finding that it is impossible. This song is incredibly beautiful and I will never forget it.

- Andrae

tirsdag den 20. april 2010

Le troisième jour: Jules et Jim

Aujord'hiu j'ai vu Jules et Jim de Francois Truffaut (Les quatre cents coups). C'était differént que j'ai cru. Il s'agit des deux amis Jules et Jim, qui rencontrent Catherine. Il sont á Paris au début du vingtième siecle, mais quand la première guerre mondiale commence, ils sont séparé parce que Jules est allemand et Jim est francais. D'après la guerre Jim et Catherine habitent ensemble et ils ont une fille. C'est un film très long, mais il est aussi très bon. Les actors sont chouettes et l'histoire est intéressant et imprévisible. C'est bon, mais ce n'est pas meilleur que les autre film, que j'ai vu dans cette semaine. Mais c'est aussi un genre different que les autre.
J'aime le chanson que Catherine chant.

- Juhan


Here are some pictures from anna and andrae's trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Haggis, Sexy-tour of scotland etc.
Cheers (guest starring Anna maiko)

mandag den 19. april 2010

Le deuxième jour: Les doigts dans la tête

Aujourd'hui, j'ai regardé Les Doigt Dans La Tête. C'est un film de Jacques Doillon (Ponette). Il s'agit de quatre amis; deux filles et deux mecs. Une des filles est Suédoise, elle s'appelle Liv et elle est très cool. Les amis habitent ensemble dans une petite mansarde, mais ils ont des problèmes avec le patron. Cette film est plus facile de comprendre que La Belle Personne. Le film est créé en 1974 et c'est francais naturellement!

Léon, Liv, Christophe et Rosette

Je pense que Liv a un nez très joli.
J'aime bien le regard de Léon - il est très charmant!Il me rapelle de quelqu'un, mais je ne sais pas qui. J'aime le scène où les garcons chantent, c'est formidable!

- Juhan

søndag den 18. april 2010

Le première jour: La belle personne

Cette semaine je m'ai decidé à voir un film francais chaque jour. Alors, le première jour dans ma semaine francaise j'ai vu La belle personne! Wow! Absolument fantastique! Celui-ci est un des films que j'ai acheté à Paris. Je le n'ai pas connu, mais j'ai l'acheté parce qu'il a l'air bon, j'aime bien l'histoire et aussi parce que Louis Garrel (Les chansons d'amour, The Dreamers) fait partie - hot! C'etait très bien quoique je ne pouvais pas comprendre leurs conversations, parce qu'ils ont parlé très vite et le dvd a seulement les sous-titre hollandais. Alors, Lèa Seydoux (Inglorious Basterds) était génialle et elle est tellement belle. Les actors sont bon et la musique aussi. Et les scènes étaient classique francais. Maintenant, j'aime bien Christophe Honoré, et je ne peut pas attendre de voir Les chansons d'amour. Je suis très content avec mon achat spontané!
- Juhan


Saw the Princess and the frog today. It's a new Disney film and it's a cartoon and made just like all the good old ones. It was lovely to see that Disney have finally realised that their animated films aren't as charming as their cartoons. It was full of songs and animals, who danced and sang. It was a bit too romantic and cheasy, but the Disney spirit's back! And the girls wore beautiful and very big dresses, but of course they're still drawn unnaturally thin, which is just gross. This film was not better than Pochahontas or Robin Hood at all, but it was a lot better than the things we've seen from Disney lately!
- Juhan

lørdag den 10. april 2010

Linda P På Bjerget

Yesterday, I went to Nørrebro Teater to see Linda P På Bjerget. It was very good, especially the first half and me and my friend laughed so hard! It was a modern version of Ludvig Holberg's Jeppe på bjerget, but instead of a male farmer it was about a female painter. There were loads of fun jokes and hilarious impressions of Johannes Møllehave, Thomas Troelsen and so on. It was directed by Jonathan Spang, who was narrator too. The last 20 minutes was not very good - it seemed they'd had trouble diciding how it should end. Linda P has a fantastic mimic and she very wiggly. It was a very nice show.

torsdag den 8. april 2010

Trash of the Titans

Just returned from the cinema. I'd won tickets to Clash of the Titans in Imperial and went together with a friend. I originally wanted to see this film, but now I'm very happy that I did not spend any money on it. It was bloody rubbish! Haven't seen anything as bad as this in a very long time. I was expecting to be sucked into the wonderfully interesting and exciting world of the old greek mythology. But no, there was no mysterious feeling, no real coolness or heroism. Insted they'd taken a big dump on this magical univers. When the main character Perseus called Medusa "a bitch", I'd had enough. I can't stand the fact that they just take an old myth and remove its soul. I must admit, there were some great actors in it (although, the film made it hard for them to show their skills); Liam Neeson (Michael Collins, Love Actually) as Zeus and Nicholas Hoult (Skins, About a Boy) - bit surprised to see him in such a lame movie. Mads Mikkelsen was a lot better than expected, and I actually didn't get embarrassed about his danish-english. The main character played by Sam Worthington (Avatar) sucked - one didn't learn anything about his personality or qualities, he was just really dull.
The jokes or the bits, which was supposed to be funny, were really lame! I laughed one time, and that was when I reached to get some candy, and got chocolate all over my hand because the Brazils had melted.
Anyway, this film was a huge disappointment, DO NOT WATCH IT!

- Juhan

onsdag den 7. april 2010


Paris was awesome although it rained a bit too much. Brought home four films; Les Amants du Pont-Neuf, La Belle Personne, les doigts dans la tête and Jules et Jim. They're all french of course and I can't wait to see them. I also bought A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess in the lovely Shakespeare and Company down by the Seine. I'm looking forward to hanging up the poster of "La Toilette" (pic. above) on my wall. At the Pompidou Center there was an exhibition called "elles@centrepompidou", it was very interesting. I really want to move to Paris or France at least, once I am finished at school. Here are some picture's from the exhibition:

This ia a picture from one of the films at the exhibition. It's a naked woman on beach and the hula hoop is made of barbed wire.

- Juhan

fredag den 2. april 2010

Gotta Move

Edinburgh was fantastic, now I've returned with some new DVD's: "To Wong Foo thanks for everything - Julie Newmar", "Queer as folk US" (season 2) and "Y Tu mama tambien".
Here's a couple of pictures from
"To Wong Foo thanks for everything - Julie Newmar", a rather tacky but very fabulous story about three dragqueens ending up in a small redneck town. Starring Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes (Blade), John Leguizamo (the one that played Toulouse-Lautrec in Moulin Rouge) and the always lovely and very talented Stockard Channing (Rizzo in Grease, Tidy Endings). It is a bit too hollywood-cliché, but the costumes are fierce and the actors are quite good. Against "Priscilla - queen of the desert" this film doesn't stand a chance, but it's the kind of film that's good when you want to chill and be fabulous. Incidentally the stunning Rupaul appears shortly in the opening scene and there's a bit of Barbra on the soundtrack!

- Andrae