tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

glitter glitter glitter

I'm planning my 18 years birthday party and the theme is glitter, naturally. These are some of the outfits that inspire me for my hopefully fabulous outfit!


mandag den 21. februar 2011

One thing that's nice about Denmark

It is no secret that currently we are ashamed of Denmark and many danes.
However these days, one thing, one single thing is not as rotten as the rest of Denmark, and that is this commercial:

- Andrae

søndag den 20. februar 2011


I've just returned from Prague a couple of days ago. I had a really awesome time. Their valuta is so fucked, but it was awesome because I was really rich. I spend the days walking around, eating delicious food and of course drinking a lot of pivo. Czech beer is really good and really cheap. My favourite one was this one:

I came home pretty tired with a bunch of glittery makeup and nailpolish - which was nice!
We celebrated our last night at this local pub called "popo". It was (as all other Czech pubs - I think) in a basement. And they had some silly cocktails called orgasm, blow-job, sperma and stuff like that. We also went to a jazz club one night. It was really chill...


mandag den 14. februar 2011

Song and snack of the day

I remember reading an interview in NME with British soul artist Lemar a couple of years ago and I thought he was hilarious so I wanted to listen to some of his music, and I found "It's not that easy" which, for me, is an ideal pop song. From the day i listened to this song the for first time, I developed a crush on this guy, He's really very charming and hot!

- Andrae

mandag den 7. februar 2011

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

OMFG I am so hooked! I love this show! and Mr. Rupert Giles (Anthony Head, known from Little Britain and JONATHAN CREEK!)... I can't even talk about it it is so good! The song below is from the musical-episode in season 6 - take it away Buffy and demons with "going through the motions".

onsdag den 2. februar 2011

Off sick

I'm sick and it sucks. But after having slept 14 hours I feel a bit better, and so I have spend my day watching Will and Grace, listening to Diana Ross and drinkning some 20 cups of tea. Not that bad after all...