onsdag den 27. oktober 2010


From top: Blackadder (not scary, yet fabulous), 'Bert Schnick' in Shock Treatment, Harley Quinn, Matango - the fungus man, some red person from a David Lynch film.

Well, I do not approve of teaching kids to yell and scream until they get candy, but I have a fondness for Gore, monsters and dressing up. Therefore I am currently picking my brain, trying to find interesting ideas for costumes for both me and my two youngest siblings. I am planning to use the advice of one James St. James, who has cunningly created an easy and cheap way to make a lovely, ornamental and possibly scary crater-like wax-ring that you can stick to your body. I am planning to turn one of my siblings into a fungus-man (inspired by Matango) using the tentacle-face method and some sort of green colour. The other sibling, what to do (Muhaha), what to do indeed; something gory I suppose. Above are some pictures that might inspire you to your costume...
Happy Gore-Fest!

Ps. I know that dressing up as Harley Quinn of the Batman series might be considered a bit too.... yuck, but I added her for inspiration because her hat is cool and the concept of a murderous joker-girl is something that I very much approve of.
- Andrae

tirsdag den 26. oktober 2010

Den lille Gumbas

Saturday, I watched Zulu Comedy Galla 2009 again, just wanted to say that I love "den lille Gumbas":


lørdag den 23. oktober 2010

mandag den 18. oktober 2010

My holiday

I have a whole week where I can do whatever I want to - brilliant! I'm going to a demonstration tomorrow against war and to my summerhouse afterwards. Here's what I'm going to read/watch:

Ghost World, Caricature, L'Ascension du Haut Mal,
Beavis and Butthead, A Streetcar Named Desire,
Goddag mit navn er Lesbisk and finally Harry Potter 3 in French.



Last week some friends and I made raspberry slices. It was delicious although there was too much butter in it!

- Juhan

fredag den 15. oktober 2010

Kulturnat '10

This year's Kulturnat was awesome. Here are some pictures from my evening:

Beauty bike

Computer: suitcase with brain - brilliant!

Very cool exhibition about words

Transsexuals on the runway

And got married to Tabita Las Vega style.

mandag den 11. oktober 2010


The library of CPH has a thing called Demoteket where unpublished artists and such can lend out their work - it features everything from gay porn and queer activist zines to vinyls and tapes with different (underground) musicians. Last week I went to read at the library and stumbled upon a couple of interesting things in the demotek-department. One of which I'd like to do a little advertisement for; Sara Hansson's "by and about Sarah Hansson". A small comic about women, men, family, money etc. - published by Volapyk Forlag. I just discovered that she has a blog!
Definitely worth checking out, she is incredibly talented, her drawings are fetching and her thoughts and opinions are interesting and for the most part very true. Sara Hansson you are fantastic!

- Andrae

onsdag den 6. oktober 2010

Sticky stuff

Mhh! Delicious food!
First dish: soup with homemade pesto
Second dish: (large) muffins
Third dish: fruit-almond-crystallized-stuff-dessert! Some sticky stuff!
Forth dish:

Toe and homemade doll (?) made by Andrae
- Juhan