fredag den 29. januar 2010

Sylvia Plath

Ever since I read "the applicant" - poem by Sylvia Plath - in school I've been very fascinated by her life and work. These days I am reading her novel "The bell jar", which, I've heard, is "semi-autobiographical". I love the way she writes and even though I haven't passed p. 50 yet, I'm very into it. She was married to the english poet Ted Hughes, but got divorced not long before she killed herself in 1963 - only 31 years old. My mom bought me a collection of her letters to her mom, I'm looking foward to read it.
I'll get back to you once I finish the bell jar.
- Juhan

torsdag den 28. januar 2010

Love in Detroit

Another film from the vault. I have never watched it before although I've had it in my collection for quite a while. "True Romance" is written by the lovely Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott (Domino, Enemy of the state etc.) with Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater. It is the story of a callgirl who falls deeply in love with a costumer and together they begin a wonderfully violent journey. This film has some very hot sex scenes, some fantastic outfits (mainly those worn by Alabama, Arquette) and some cool scenery. Incidentally the idiom "something must be rotten in Denmark" is used on several occasions throughout the film, which makes us feel all happy and silly.
(It also features his highness Gary Oldman as wannabe rasta pusher'n' pimp Drexl, and Brad Pitt in the role as stoner roommate Floyd, which was nice)
I feel that this is a must-see!

- Andrae


Once again I find myself deep into the Tarantino haze. Some days ago I watched from Dusk till Dawn for the very first time. Screenplay by Tarantino, directed and written by Rodriguez. I loved the film but most of the time I was busy drooling over Quentin Tarantino and Salma Hayek. I love his foot fetish.

- Andrae

mandag den 25. januar 2010

How not to be Edward Cullen

I remember having a kinda-crush on Pattinson as Cedric Diggory when watching the fourth Harry Potter movie
, obviously Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint (drool) stole his thunder with his ...lovely arms and impressive facial expressions.

Last night I watched "How to be" directed by one Oliver Irving. I had expected that it would be borderline crap or just mediocre. It was not. It was witty and had a very interesting plot. It is about a young, dissatisfied man called Arthur who decides to spend his money on flying a canadian therapist to London, because Arthur wants to "get fixed" since he is weird and always unhappy. The angles are fantastic, the scenes are not 'hurried', we like it.
What I particularly liked about this very well-executed film was it's amazing portrayal of pretentiousness amongst younger people (aged 15-30...dunno). Letting the characters create their own 'intellectual' terms for things (Naïvity, Lesbitarianism) and mentioning people like Nietzsche ('Nietzeeee') is what is so sweet and fantastic about this movie. Arthur and his friends are hilarious and pathetic and I find that comforting.
Arthur (Pattinson) has a sort-of best friend called Ronny (Johnny White - I find him sexy) who, for me, was the most loveable character I've seen in a long time.
This film is actually kind of brilliant.

Ronny: "You know, what I love most about you Arthur is your naïvity (...) It would probably be advantageous if you could escape from structures (...) just try and escape from the consumeristic-materialisticness of it all."

Ronny: "I have a balance of self already and I also think I'm probably getting a migrane."

Nikki: "Like, you ever heard of that dude Nietzeee? had this amazing philosophy, basically saying that you go round London and you stick your dick in anything, yeah and the whole world just loves you for it for some reason."

- Andrae

Shake it up baby!

Spend most of this weekend in bed watching TV - which was nice! Wathced "Tro, Håb og Kærlighed" ("Twist and shout"), a danish movie from 1984. It's about two boys, Bjørn and Erik, in the 60's. Mostly Bjørns love life and Erik's relationship with his mother. I really liked it - except for a gross abortion scene, which is way to long!

Bjørn and Anna danse and kiss.
Kirsten: "
Så der pindemadder"

- Juhan

torsdag den 21. januar 2010


I am very excited about Roskilde Festival this year - especially since C.V. Jørgensen is playing. Also the fact that Pavement are playing makes me feel all warm and fluffy because they're so tacky and lovely. Last year Gogol Bordello, Pet Shop Boys, Madness and Labrassbanda were all fantastic. I hope that this year we will be able to keep the camp remotely clean, yet I fear that this won't be the case.

mandag den 18. januar 2010

we ARE golden

Less than two months to MIKA concert in KB Hallen in Copenhagen! Can't wait! Love his new album "the boy who knew too much"- have to buy it soon! Anyway, enjoy the pictures and check out the songs/videos if you haven't already!

"Who gives a damn about the family you come from? No giving up when you're young and you want some." - Mika, We are golden
- Juhan

søndag den 17. januar 2010


Yesterday we went to Malmö in Sweden, and to the Malmö Stadsteater Intiman to see the play Carmen staged by Kajs Giertz, and interpreted by professional dancers, an operasinger and some actors. My swedish is not perfect but I understood quite a lot of it. They used the original music by George Bizet, only with swedish lyrics. It was very very good I thought, I love crossdressing, dancing and spanish dresses, and the play had it all.

- Andrae

torsdag den 14. januar 2010

Ninjas, blood and synchronisation

I wanted to watch "Shogun Assassin" by Robert Houston because I want to be just like Quentin. So finally today i watched it, I was in the mood for blood and slaughter. It was great! I loved the english dubbed voices it was very tacky and therefore awesome. I liked the kid, Daigoro, played by Akihiro Tomikawa (?!) and his hair was really cool. I just IMDB'd the film, and realized that the supremeninja is supposed to be dubbed by Sandra Bernhard. Now that, I find very amusing. I feel a sudden urge to explore asian cinema, also the non-dubbed stuff, in any case I want to see some more Samurai badassness.

Supremeninja: "I am the supreeemeninjaah! "
Ogami Itto, the Lone Wolf:

- Andrae


We completely forgot to write about Shane in December, so i'm gonna do it now. Almost every day in December I watched a programme on the danish channel "DR Ramasjang" called "Shanes jul" (Shanes Christmas). Shane is American, Norwegian and Danish, but lives in Denmark. He's a desginer and a children's book author, and now he's got his own show "Shanes verden" (Shanes world).

Anyway, we were absolutely hooked on the christmas version, which was like a advent calender. On the show he makes all kinds of christmas decorations, presents and food. It's very inspiring, and relaxing to watch. While playing with dolls in a little toy village filled with snow he creates a long story with very amusing characters and episodes. Finally some good children's TV!
Wow, I really miss Shane! Hope he'll be back next christmas!
"Hej hej! Find din yndlingssiddepude frem og kom her hen og sæt dig. Skynd dig, for vi skal hen og hilse på Shane og hans bedste ven Jacob i deres juleværksted. Her i juleværkstedet bliver der bygget, malet, klippet, klistret, leget og fortalt julehistorier morgen, middag og aften. Shane smider aldrig noget ud, og han har altid plads til flere nisser og mere juletingentangel. Alt kan bruges, for både Shane og Jacob elsker at finde på julelege, og du kan tro, det smitter. Lad os folde juleørerne ud og sætte øjnene på granstilke, for nu begynder det." From the beginning of every episode of "Shanes jul"

- Juhan

onsdag den 13. januar 2010

Weekend; wine, cookie dough and shitloads of movies

I had an absolutely terrific weekend. Whilst knocking back many a bottle of cheap redwine and uncooked baked goods, we watched films, the following will be the ones that are worth mentioning;
"The Big Lebowski" by Joel Coen, with Jeff Bridges ( I love that he, "The Dude" also stars in "The mirror has two faces" with the lovely Barbra Streisand, incidentally that movie is pec
uliar and nice), John Goodman (whom I only remember from "Blues Brothers 2000" and that sitcom called "Roseanne") and Steve Buscemi (wroof! "Ghost World", "Con Air"(Haha), "Resevoir dogs" etc.) and also the fantastic mr. David Thewlis (He plays Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter films, also; "Naked") has a small but well-played part in this film. I've watched it before, I have faith that it will never lose its greatness. Fantastic Soundtrack!

The Dude: "Walter he peed on my rug"
Donny: "He peed on the Dude's rug"

"Inglourious Basterds" by Tarantino, with many many people that have been credited too often, yet i feel a need to mention Eli Roth in the role as the "Bearjew", sgt. Donny Donowitz (who incidentally also stars in "The mirror has two faces" - every badass nazibutcher has a past, nudge nudge), Til Schweiger as my absolute favorite character in this movie the german basterd Hugo Stiglitz. Denis Menochet as Perrier LaPadite from the first scene, and of course Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa. Also I think it is amazing that Samm Levine from "Freaks and Geeks" is playing a basterd, that really made my day. I thought it was amazing watching it in the cinema, but I certainly do not regret buying the DVD.

Hugo Stiglitz: "Say Auf Wiedersehen to your nazi-balls"

"Me and Charly" (Danish: Mig og Charly) from 1978 which
is a danish teenage drama-comedy film about two boys and their (at times rather homoerotic) friendship. They become friends despite their different backgrounds. I love it, I really still do.

- Andrae

mandag den 11. januar 2010


This is one of our favourite weekend-dishes; kartoffel-scramble! Yum!

Mix it all together and... ENJOY!